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I was visiting one of the largest firm of Solicitors in England with offices in London and throughout the Country, and the smartest people I saw was the guy on the downstairs reception who was wearing a 3-piece suit, and the girls on reception. This happened a few weeks ago as well when I was visiting a Client in a very large firm of Solicitors in London and the smartest person I saw, apart from myself and my client, was the guy who opened the door for me in reception! Dress down had certainly gone too far in those firm where suits have been replaced by bad jumpers, untucked shirts and ill-fitting jeans.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and you might find yourself trying to regain the credibility you lost in the first 10 seconds if your appearance is not up to standard. We have recognised that an increasing number of our Clients are now realising that it is important to look good, not only in their suits and shirts, but also when a, “business casual”, or “dress down” look is required. However, some people think that, “business casual” means wearing your suit without a tie, or a jumper and jeans! It’s really not! Cords, Chinos and Moleskins make amazingly versatile casual trousers, and matched with a casual, made to measure shirt and jacket means that you are more in keeping with the true, “business casual” look, and your Clients can still tell the difference between you and the person who delivers your lunch! To get business casual right is actually harder than wearing a suit. We can offer you;

  • A 15 minute consultation at your office or home to show you classic and unconventional cloths to allow you to discover your true, business casual style
  • Take over 50 measurements to create a perfect fit whether it's for jackets trousers or shirts.
  • Enable you to create your own exclusive style that is as individual as you are. 
  • Advise you to create bold and confidential clothing that enables you to inspire yourself to discover your full potential in every environment.
  • Offer expert advice to enable you to select from 1000's of style variations for jackets, trousers and shirts to find your own look and style
  • Guide you through our extensive range of exceptional cloth and linings to find the perfect, and possibly daring, combinations 
  • Personally hand deliver your finished clothing with unsurpassed customer service in the future



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Prices and designs may be subject to change without notice.